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If you're pumped about a new idea, we are 100% right there with you! Get to know a little bit about AMG's creative team. We can't wait to bring your idea to life.

James R wiley

CEO, Cinematographer & Talent Representation


James is a multi-award winning cinematographer and director. He's known as the founder of the narrative dance music video genre - a format which elevates the story through the synergy of dance with narration and music. He was educated at UNCSA's renowned School of Filmmaking.

James creates film and photography for the modeling world, in addition to shooting and directing music videos. He specializes in visuals which involve action and speed.


His position as Digital Media Producer at Charlotte Ballet, he states, "I believe Dance brings inspiration! Dance doesn't just move the dancers. It also moves the audience ... sometimes to another place or time, and sometimes to a renewed, soul-stirring perspective about their own aspirations."


His work has premiered on Rolling Stone and AfroPunk.

Edward Taveras



From an early age, Edward had a passion for the visual arts and storytelling, which soon evolved into a love for film and screenwriting.


His extensive screenwriting training background, from UNCSA’s esteemed School of Filmmaking, contributes to strong authenticity in the story component of the films.

Edward’s intuitively supportive directing style brings out the best in cast and crew. He is experienced in all aspects of filmmaking, from pre-production to post-production.

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